Why Us

Why MealAdda?

MealAdda has been developed through a fundamental passion for building the brand, making it happen and delivering Meals which offer something new and different to what is out there right now. This is why our Meals are prepared after thorough consultation with our Nutrition Expert Ms. Shalu. Also,In resonance with our punch line – A Mother’s Care – Our qualified professionals take as much care as your mother in cooking and delivering your food every time you place an order with us. Our emphasis on preparing healthy, tasty and unadulterated food has made us the choice of many.

Quality and affordable prices cannot be offered by every company however; we offer both. We don’t have huge overheads like any other company/service as we produce the food and save costs through bulk purchases which makes it even more affordable unlike many other services who would purchase food from others and sell on with a profit. Regularly, we check our prices to make food more affordable whilst still maintaining the quality.

Benefits of Ordering from MealAdda:

  • Nutrition Expert verified meals@ 59 Rs only
  • Quality @ affordable prices
  • Tasty Food
  • Fresh vegetables and spices
  • No preservatives / artificial color
  • No pre-cooked gravies
  • Menu Changes every week
  • No Subscription
  • No Security

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