MealAdda is a new generation Meal Delivery Service providing home cooked, nutritious and calorie counted food to you at your doorstep in Delhi-NCR.People in jobs often tend to skip meals or eat fat loaded junk food available in their vicinity. As we all know, junk food doesn’t contain the nutrients our body needs to stay healthy and leads to the health problems like obesity, hypertension, fatty liver deposits, diabetes etc.

MealAdda.com has been created to eliminate the lack of hygienic food at affordable rates. We cook, handle, pack and deliver with the same care as your family would do for you.Owing to the fact that every individual loves their food but have different tastes, we make every effort to cook the food according to your taste with our team of qualified chefs. Our commitment to maintain the highest standards of Quality and Hygiene over the time is what makes us better than the rest.

MealAdda – The Start!

Two IT professionals as well as friends used to crave for home cooked food in Noida but didn’t want to eat in restaurants daily as it was very expensive. The two friends were looking for quality food at very reasonable prices and couldn’t find any place or service suiting their needs and lifestyle.During their lunch, they wanted to eat home cooked food and have the same quality of food delivered to their house. However, after looking around and spending a lot of time searching the internet, they could not find any solution to this. That’s when they came up with the idea to create a tiffin service which caters to professionals/students looking for quality home cooked food at very affordable prices. They named it MealAdda – A Mother’s Care

The Team:

Behind MealAdda is a team of young, motivated professionals who collectively believe in creating a world-class service that delights every customer with each order. Our committed team is responsible for ensuring that we serve each customer with the passion of a start-up while delivering the efficiencies of an enterprise. Meet the Team MealAdda below.

Deepak Lakherwal:

Deepak is the co-founder of MealAdda.com and holds a Master’s Degree in instructional designing. He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 2011 and prior to founding MealAdda with Upendra, he has worked in IT industry for 6 years. His knowledge of Delhi NCR’s catering scene and passion for business led to the formation of MealAdda.com. In his spare time, he likes to write about Motorcycles. You can get in touch with him at deepak@mealadda.com.

Upendra Singh:

A passionate entrepreneur and who knows how to build a business. Having founded his first web development company in 2011, Upendra holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. With a do-what-it-takes attitude and an obsessive interest in cooking, he is the co-founder and driving force behind Team MealAdda, bringing with him an unparalleled understanding of all the technical complexities You can write to him at upendra@mealadda.com.

Shalu Singh:

She holds an M. Tech. degree in Food Technology and Management from National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management. She is the expert behind our Menu selection and Food preparation. She does everything from coaching our professionals on how to be healthy, teach cooking classes, holds workshops and more. She is obsessed with presenting the truth about food and nutrition to the general public. She’s also a gifted writer and has a keen analytical mind.


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